Formed and maintained many kinds of entities. Developed membership and investment documents for LLCs. Negotiated and drafted a wide variety of contracts between individuals and business entities. Sold numerous kinds of businesses, including restaurants, pet stores and consignment stores.   Negotiated and drafted leases in many diverse locations including downtown San Francisco. Advised startups on numerous issues including asset protection, and procedural requirements. Advised businesses on liquor licensure issues.  Advanced and defended against UCC Liens and Writs of Attachment, including emergency hearings.  Formed non-profit entities and also successfully obtained IRS approval of non-profit status for multiple cultural arts organizations. Handled PUC actions, including operating a moving business without a license and numerous deeds of trusts and promissory notes. Drafted loan documents.  Defended against Workers Comp claims and American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP) claims.  Negotiated and reviewed documents for loans on behalf of one of the largest non-profits in San Francisco.  Prosecuted a trademark violation on behalf of Carnaval San Francisco and successfully negotiated settlements of violations.  Negotiated and drafted contracts between major non-profit and numerous independent contractors working for Carnaval San Francisco.  Defended against lawsuits for damages for early termination of a commercial lease.  Negotiated, reviewed, and drafted commercial leases for restaurants and large nonprofits.